M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree Requirements:

The master's degree in Educational Leadership is designed primarily to provide professional preparation for students seeking administrative positions in elementary and secondary schools. The degree requires completion of a minimum total of 33 graduate semester-hour credits.

1. Completion of the following required common courses in Educational Leadership (24 credits):

  • EDLE 5013 School Organization and Administration
  • EDLE 5023 The School Principalship
  • EDLE 5043 Ethical Leadership
  • EDLE 5053 School Law
  • EDLE 5063 Instructional Leadership, Planning and Supervision
  • EDLE 5083 Analytical Decision Making
  • EDLE 5093 Effective Leadership for School Improvement
  • EDLE 574V Internship (3 hours)

2. Completion of nine (9) credit hours from foundations/specialty courses, including:

  • EDLE 599V Seminar-Special Topics
  • EDLE 599V Building Level Finance
  • EDLE 5073 Research for School Leaders

3. A cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.00 on all course work is required for the degree. No grades below "C" will be accepted for graduate degree credit.

4. Satisfactory performance on a written comprehensive examination or portfolio presentation is required.

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